Benefits of Geothermal.

Electric bills for a 2,000 sq. ft. home can be reduced to as low as $1 a day, using a geothermal system.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified geothermal heat pumps as a technology that significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other air emission associated with heating, cooling and water residential buildings, while saving consumers money, compared to conventional technologies.

Geothermal heat pumps strengthen U.S. energy security.

For every 100,000 units of typically sized residential geothermal heat pumps installed, more than 37.5 trillion Btu’s of energy used for space conditioning and water heating can be saved, corresponding to an emissions reduction of about 2.18 million metric tons of carbon equivalents, and cost savings to consumers of about $750 million over the 20-year-life of the equipment. Every 100,000 homes with geothermal heat pump systems reduce foreign oil consumption by 2.15 million barrels annually and reduce electricity consumption by 799 million kilowatt hours annually. This savings is equivalent to planting more then 385 million trees.

Geothermal heat pumps are environmental. They generate no on site emissions and have the lowest emissions among all heating and cooling technologies.

Geothermal heat pumps save money. Schools now using geothermal heat pump systems save more than $25 million in energy costs – meaning more money for books, equipment and teachers. Homeowners can save 25 to 50 percent on home electric bills compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal systems represent a savings to homeowners of 30 to 70% in the heating mode and 20 to 50% in the cooling mode, compared to conventional systems.

EPA found that geothermal heating and cooling systems can reduce energy consumption—and corresponding emissions—by more than 40% compared to air source heat pumps and by over 70% compared to electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment.

EPA found that, even on a source fuel basis – accounting for ALL losses in the fuel cycle including electricity generation at power plants – geothermal systems are much more efficient than competing fuel technologies. They are an average of 48% more efficient than the best gas furnaces on a source fuel basis, and over 75% more efficient than oil furnaces. In fact, today’s best geothermal systems outperform the best gas technology, gas heat pumps, by an average of 36% in heating mode and 43% in cooling mode!

It is estimated that if geothermal systems were installed nationwide, they could save several billion dollars annually in energy costs and substantially reduce pollution.

Surveys by utilities indicate a higher level of consumer satisfaction for geothermal systems than for conventional systems. Polls consistently show that more than 95% of all geothermal customers would recommend a system to a family member or friend.


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