Geothermal Energy.

Why Choose a Geothermal System?

Geothermal systems are 300% to 400% efficient. Your existing Natural Gas, Fuel oil, or Propane furnace is 80% to 95% efficient. That’s an incredible difference. For every unit of energy a geothermal system uses, we get 3 to 4 units of energy from the ground. With such great efficiency, you can expect to reduce your heating, cooling and hot water costs by up to 75%!


Here’s a secret: Geothermal is really a solar system. All the heat we pull from the ground to heat your home comes from the sun. Unlike solar systems that need the sunshine to work, our Geothermal systems use the Earth as a giant battery storing energy while the sun heats all summer and then using that heat when it’s needed in the winter. Geothermal is the most dependable, renewable energy system made.

Low Maintenance

Since there’s no fossil fuels injected into our geothermal system like an old furnace and no combustion, the reliability of Geothermal is greatly increased. A Geothermal system will provide years of trouble-free service.


Geothermal is the most comfortable space conditioning system. Because geothermal systems don’t heat with a flame, the air doesn’t need to be “cooked” and dried out. The longer run cycles and moderate temperature rises mean even, consistent heating and cooling throughout.


There is no fossil fuel combustion inside a geothermal system. By eliminating the main combustion appliance inside your home, you are significantly lowering your chances of exposure to the dangerous gases expelled by conventional heating equipment.

Government Incentives

Through 2016, take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit (30% residential and 10% commercial off the entire project with no cap!) making installing a geothermal system more affordable than ever.


Get Started!

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